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Summary – United Kingdom For a straightforward trade mark application which does not meet with objections, opposition or representations from third parties, the application process can be completed in the UK in around 3 months. Below, we provide an overview of the process of applying to register a trade mark in the UK which is...
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What is it? It is a bundle of national applications which are filed centrally through the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva. The International Registration (IR) must be based on an existing UK or EUTM application or registration. This is the ‘base’ mark for the IR application.  How does it work? There are over...
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What is it? Trade mark watching is a service which allows you to be made aware of new trade mark applications for marks which are the same or similar to your trade mark. The watch would focus on your core goods and services and the territories of interest to you, eg. UK, EU or worldwide....
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