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Trade Mark Watching

What is it?
Trade mark watching is a service which allows you to be made aware of new trade mark applications for marks which are the same or similar to your trade mark. The watch would focus on your core goods and services and the territories of interest to you, eg. UK, EU or worldwide.

How does it work?
We work with CompuMark of London, a company which is experienced in trade mark watching.

When a ‘similar’ trade mark application is filed or published in a trade marks journal which we are ‘watching’, we receive a notification, providing us with the details of the application. The details include:
the mark applied for;
the country/territory in which protection is sought;
the name of the applicant;
the goods and services which are applied for; and
the deadline for opposition proceedings (if appropriate).

We analyse the results and make an assessment about whether the application may be of concern to you or the ultimate protection of your brand. We only alert you to results which we think warrant your consideration.

Why do I need it?
You have selected your trade mark and protected it through trade mark registration. To ensure you maximise the benefit of the trade mark and it continues to perform its functions in relation to your ‘brand’, it is important to be aware of trade mark applications which may conflict with it.

If a third party seeks to register a trade mark which is confusingly similar to your mark, it is best to be aware of this at the earliest opportunity. You will be able to take steps which may stop the application from becoming registered. This will help to prevent dilution of your brand and also protect against commercial damage to your bottom line or reputation. It is also quicker and more straightforward to oppose the other mark before it is registered.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the service is dependent on the number of classes of goods and services which you want to watch, and on the geographical scope of the trade mark watch. The charges include our analysis of the watch notices and reporting any results which we consider may be problematic to you.

Let us know if you are considering having a watch service put in place and we will let you have a note of the costs.